Stephen Nugent

Freelance web developer, experienced in design, layout and creation of websites.

Why you should hire me!

  • I am passionate about development and created my first website two decades ago.
  • Experienced in the use of popular and bespoke frameworks. I always complete projects to the highest standards.
  • A quick learner, able to understand new ideas, concepts and use them effectively.

Web Development

I specialize in bespoke website design.


Need a website? wordpress may be the solution for you.

Logo design

Need a logo design, thinking about rebranding I may be able to help.

Data input

Need to digitalise your data, I can handle this for you.

My Skills The technical stuff

This is just a few of my skills.

A Knowledge of


Experience with CMS and Frameworks

WordPress Laravel Codeigniter

A decent understanding of Technologies

PHP MySQL html5 CSS JavaScript jQuery AJAX XML Apache Java Bash Bootstrap Git

About me How I got where I am today

I got my first taste of code writing back in 1985, at the young age of 8. I was introduced to the input magazines and began learning pascal and variants of the basic programming language to create simple games on a ZX Spectrum.

Started programming in 1985 at the young age of 8 year old

My interest and skills grew, by the age of 13 (in 1990), using an Atari ST, I was making my own games and hacking / modifying existing ones. It would be a couple of years until I progress onto a windows 3.1 PC and move onto the Qbasic programming language and later the C language.

Used Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS

In 1997 I made my first phone call to the internet (yes you had to phone the internet back then), I was instantly addicted and accumulated a rather large phone charge on more then one occasion. Within my first year online, I had created my own website and was being asked by others to create more for them. At this point I was working full time as a bench hand joiner but started to attend college courses in an attempt to transition into a computer aided designer.

Created by first website in 1998

After graduating from college I accepted a new job that promised to train me up as a CNC operator, when this promise never materialised I returned to college and completed a solid modelling level 3 course and moved on to a more suitable job allowing me to use all my skills. In 2006 my third child was born, directed by my desire to be around my family, I decide to take my skills (that have been a hobby up until now) and begin to work for myself. This also leads to me doing a number of programming courses with the open university to develop my skills and understanding further.

Working freelance since 2007

Portfolio Some recent work

An example of some of my recent work.

Reviews What people think

Stephen is one of the best IT solutions providers that I have ever worked with. His knowledge is excellent and his approaches are excellent. He understands the dynamics of website development and the website he designed for us has brought growth into our business. I will recommend him without any iota of doubt and you will be glad to meet a down to earth person in business. – Dominion Training

Does exactly what he says. I already had a website, Stephen took what I had and bought it up to date. I found more people wanting my work. Will use him again when I come to update. – Dirty to Clean

My webpage is about showing what I can do. Stephen has captured this and made my site easy to navigate around just like I wanted. – BePainted

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